Linux Servers Cluster Network

Regardless which hardware component might fail or how the number of website visitors might increase - your web presence will remain online. Contact us now: +36 1 445 3615 

Reliability – high availability of your site

Reliability – high availability of your siteIn the event of a software or hardware related failure on one server, any tasks of the machine are automatically taken over by another server in the cluster. Your web presence therefore will remain available with no interruption of service and the defective server can be looked after without time pressure. All vital services required for this important feature are already preconfigured in a Cloud4Hosting Linux Cluster. If a machine fails, the rest of the cluster will take over its tasks automatically, independently and instantly.



Scalability – easy and rapid expansion

Scalability - easy and rapid expansionCapacity requirements of modern IT projects are quite difficult to be planned ahead. If, as a result of a marketing campaign, for instance, the number of new visitors or customers increases heavily, the existing hardware might be pushed to its limits. The Cloud4Hosting Linux Cluster has been developed with full support for ‘Scale Out’ scalability. It provides easy and efficient methods to add further servers to the cluster in order to enhance performance and capacity. The existing infrastructure does not need to be altered for that and in many instances it is not even necessary to temporarily stop services during the expansion. In practice that means:
By setting up additional web or SQL servers, the number of possible simultaneous web site visitors can be increased almost linearly.
By adding further hard disks and/or storage servers, the available data storage space can be increased easily.
Cost effective upgrading: Inexpensive dedicated servers can be used to extend capacities.

Load balancing – cost effective utilization of resources

Load balancing – cost effective utilization of resourcesIn almost all usage scenarios, the capacities of all existing servers can be utilized simultaneously during regular operation. That way, the performance of the servers does not need to lay idle or in hot stand-by until a failure occurs, but instead can be actively used to reduce response times or to increase the number of potential users accessing at the same time. This objective is achieved by a preconfigured load balancing mechanism. The mechanism works on the IP layer and therefore can be used for many applications in a comfortable and easy way. The load balancing is provided by multiple machines so that the load balancing itself does not represent a single point of failure.


Data security – don’t take a risk

Data security – don’t take a riskData loss is a horrible and dreaded scenario for every large web application. Data which might have been gathered over years could be extinguished in the blink of an eye. Even by using highest quality hard disks, one is always vulnerable to mechanical failures. A corrupted file system is another circumstance which might lead to data loss. The Cloud4Hosting Linux Cluster was developed with a focus on data safety in mind. Your data is not only mirrored on one single server, but rather replicated on multiple systems. Even the complete breakdown of one server would not have any influence on your data.

Cluster Server Map


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